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It is difficult to think of a ‘Muslim’ society as progressive, modernist and liberal as Turkey has traditionally been, particularly as it is also a democracy.

This makes Turkey a relatively unique society in the world and a positive example of how moderate Sunni Islam and modern democratic and secular government and principles can co-exist harmoniously in a society.

At a time when Muslim countries elsewhere are either harsh dictatorships, nations in a state of collapse or war, or aspiring-but-failing quasi-democracies, a Turkey true to its principles would stand as something of a shining beacon of both secular democracy and the modern-day capacity for a Muslim society to exist effectively and happily in that state of secular democracy. (more…)



Given that I covered the electoral fraud at the DNC earlier this year and also predicted probable vote-rigging for Hillary in the presidential election, I would be remiss not to mention this.

There is a case very much being made that the GOP may have resorted to election rigging of its own last week to aid Donald Trump’s victory.

The best source for this at present is investigator Greg Palast, whose film The Best Democracy Money Can Buy proves significant to this election. According to Palast, some 1.1 million minority voters were prevented from voting on November 8th. (more…)


I’ve been wondering for some time whether, in order to ensure victory for the Establishment Messiah Hillary Clinton, we may see a degree of vote-rigging or last-ditch foul-play to push Hillary over the finish line.