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In a recent post early into the 2014 FIFA World Cup I was illustrating one of the key appeals of World Cup football being the ‘drama’ and the dramatic ironies that often permeate tournaments and the undertone of Greek tragedy/myth to some of the more classic examples, raising the spectacle beyond the level of mere sport and into the realm of human drama. I cited Zinedine Zidane in 2006 and David Beckham in 1998 among other memorable examples.
The fact that a few days later the most memorable moment of a largely memorable tournament emerged in the form of Luis Suarez’s now infamous biting incident simply reinforced the point: almost every memorable World Cup features a particularly memorable narrative revolving around a specific individual. And Luis Suarez has become that individual in 2014.



Futbol Penales Historias

The FIFA World Cup; the greatest sporting event on the planet, and the greatest stage every 4 years for “The Beautiful Game”.
A stage where heroes and villains alike are made. A stage where rivalries are forged, where tensions run high, where vengeance is often exacted, where quality doesn’t always prevail, where injustice often flourishes, where cheaters can and do often prosper, where tears are shed and celebrations abound, where there is joy, sorrow, pain and regret, where there is great brilliance and incredible idiocy, where people are crucified and others are deified… and a stage where iconic moments and memories are created that last a lifetime. (more…)